Rent A Car With Driver in Bohol and Enjoy a Hassle-Free Tour

Urban life can be a draining experience compared to living in a rural area. If you’re feeling tired of the urban atmosphere, rent a car with driver in Bohol now and enjoy a perfect island getaway.

The Island of Bohol is a bountiful province located in Central Visayas. With its beautiful beaches, rivers, and hills, it is an island worth visiting for if you’re looking for a tropical place to relax and enjoy unique experiences. Once you have booked your flight and chosen your accommodation, a car rental service with hospitable drivers is the next best thing to do.

Check our car rental service and enjoy one of the Philippines’ tourism hotspots, but before that, here is a Bohol travel guide to help you enjoy your tropical vacation.

City of Friendship - Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines

The City of Friendship

Bohol Island is a home of very friendly and hospitable people. The island’s capital – Tagbilaran City – is deemed as the Philippines’ City of Friendship. People in Tabilaran City called the ‘Tagbilaranons’ are always ready to lend a hand to someone in need, whether a tourist or a local. Unlike other cities in the Philippines, using a gadget in public is nothing to be afraid of in Tagbilaran City. Even Tagbilaranonos freely use their smartphones and cameras in public places, such as markets, malls, streets, and even in jeepneys, without worrying about getting mugged by thieves.

Tagbilaran City also has its very unique public transportation – the tricycles! It has a very unique design compared to other tricycles in the country. It can carry a maximum of three (3) passengers, and its back contains a space for baggage. One thing that makes Tagbilaran City’s tricycles standout is their biblical quotes and verses. The city’s ordinance indicates that every tricycle must have biblical quotes and verses painted on them to remind the drivers and passengers to be righteous at all times.

Panglao Island Resorts in Bohol

Resorts and White Beaches

If you are to visit Bohol, Panglao Island must be included in your list. The island is known to have stunning beaches and magical dive sites. It is a hub for every tourist in Bohol to enjoy the tropical vibe of the province. It has white sand, crystal blue water, and astonishing dive sites that entice every tourist to stay. Its beach resorts also rank best in many booking sites.

If you’re traveling to Bohol by ferry, Panglao is just 17.1 kilometers from Tagbilaran City. But if you’re traveling by plane, the international airport of the province is situated in Panglao Island, so finding a resort to chill out after a long flight is easy-peasy.

Panglao Island resorts offer one of the best services in the country. More than fifty resorts in Panglao has best reviews with ratings of four stars or higher.

Eco-Tourism Destination

With its abundance of flora and fauna, the island of Bohol is a place you can enjoyably spend for a week. It is also recognized as an Eco-Tourism Destination in the Philippines for giving economic welfare of tourism to locals by increasing their community income through the products and services they offer to tourists.

Bohol is also one of the Philippines’ top diverse areas. It is the sanctuary of the Philippine tarsier, known locally as mamag, the world’s smallest primate, measuring only 4-5 inches. They have large eyes and naked tails that measures 232 mm in length. Like owls, they are also nocturnal species and can also rotate their heads 180 degrees. There are only five species of tarsiers in the world. Four of the species can be found in Indonesia and one species, Tarsius syrichta, can be found on the island of Bohol.

Aside from the tarsiers, one of the best unique attractions in Bohol is the Chocolate Hills. They are dome-shaped hills of grass-covered limestone estimated to be 1,268 to about 1,776 individual hills. Declared as the Philippines’ third National Geological Monument in 1988, the majestic hills of Bohol are dubbed as the Chocolate Hills for their chocolate-brown-colored grass.

Metro Centre Hotel in Tagbilaran City

Hotels in Tagbilaran

If you want to stay in Tagbilaran City, the capital of Bohol has also much to offer. There are also many cheap yet comfortable hotels in Tagbilaran City where you can enjoy your tropical holiday.

If you’re traveling to Bohol by ferry, accessible hotels are found a few blocks away from the port. From lodges to luxury hotels, Tagbilaran City offers a lot of comfortable places to hang loose.

Tourist spots in Bohol

Bohol offers many of the best tourist spots in the Philippines. You can enjoy many tours as you want but the best tours in Bohol are the countryside tour, island hopping tour, and Panglao Island tour.

The Panglao Island tour includes visits to the Hinagdanan Cave, Alona Beach, Panglao Church and Watch Tower, Dauis Church and Miracle Well.

Bohol’s Countryside tour, on the other hand, comprises Bohol’s top countryside destinations. The tour starts in Tagbilaran City’s Blood Compact Site and stops for a lunch buffet at the Loboc River Cruise and Python Sanctuary. Then it proceeds to Bilar’s Manmade Forest, Butterfly Garden, and the famous Chocolate Hills in Carmen. The final stop before going home from the countryside tour is the Tarsier conservation area in Corella, where you can learn more about the world’s largest primate and Bohol’s biodiversity.

Island Hopping Tour in Bohol

The Island Hopping Tour in Bohol

It takes you to snorkeling and dolphin-watching tours. The first stop is in Balicasag Island where wonderful marine creatures are found. You can go snorkeling on the island and enjoy a seafood buffet. Another addition to this package is a trip to Isola de San Francisco, an island in Bohol where the seashell museum is found.

There are also other destinations in Bohol that you can check out. You can visit Pamilacan Island for a best whale-watching activity; Danao Adventure Park for extreme adventures, such as river trekking, kayaking, root climbing, and rappelling and; Mirrors of the World and Botanical Garden in Sikatuna to watch and experience replicas of some of the world’s scenic destinations.

Those are just a few of the many things Bohol can offer. You can also check the tourism office to inquire more about Bohol’s tourism destinations.

Rent A Car With Driver in Bohol Conclusion

There’s no other place like what Bohol can offer and a freedom of enjoying this island with your vehicle is the best way to travel.

Choose between our two models, Toyota Avanza 2019 and a Toyota Vios 2020, for an easy-to-track car rental reservations and a hassle-free tour and transport service.

Hurry and book now at bohol car rental for your next tropical trip!

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